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Most religions control men too, dictating where they can stick their willies, when, under which conditions, or even if they shouldn't touch them at all, the last topic of which is extensive enough to have it's own wikipedia entry.

  • Religious cranks are anti-freedom illiberal shit stains on humanity Are those the same hard-right Christian lobbying groups pushing financial institutions to divest and decapitalize fossil fuel related projects? You wouldn't make enough money.

  • When it is women doing either of these things, that's internalized misogyny.

This is a community space for those in front of the camera to share and discuss their experience as onlyfans creators.

  • The more you post, the more incentive there is for your fans to subscribe and remain subscribed to your profile.

  • Odd that the actual issue, under-18 selling and appearing in porn on the site is not mentioned.